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LionSteel M1 Fixed Blade Knife G-10 Handle M390 Steel Titanium Lanyard Bead


LionSteel M1 Black G-10

LionSteel M1 is a light weight, uber ergonomic fixed blade designed by the multi-award-winning knife maker Michele Pesanto, AKA Molletta. M1 is comfortable and easy to carry in every situation. M1 is made with top shelf material and feels high end. Full tang M390 steel construction, high quality handle material, included lanyard with a beautiful titanium bead and a high quality leather sheath make the LionSteel M1 offers fantastic value for the money. 



When it comes to blade steel, you can't find anything better than M390. Produced by Bohler, M390 is easily the best knife steel produced to date. It features incredible hardness and wear resistance, resulting in unparalleled edge retention. M390 is nicknamed "Microclean" for its uniform composition which enables the edge to be sharpened to a paper thin bevel for extreme sharpness levels. It also can be polished to a true mirror. You will be able to use the M4 out in the bush for weeks of hard use, without needing to strop the edge.



The handle is made of G-10, one of the best materials for outdoor applications. G-10 is resistance to all elements and most common chemicals and oils. G-10 is very light weight but also extremely strong. It doesn't break, crack or chip easily under heavy use or even impacty. G-10 also is a top performer in wet conditions as it doesn't get slippery. 



The luxurious rich leather sheath is fully handmade, double seam stitched by master craftsmen in Maniago, Italy. The knife fits in the sheath perfectly and the sheath fits on your belt perfectly. The sheath is just as gorgeous as the knife itself. 


  • Specifications

    Overall length          17 cm

    Blade length            7.5 cm

    Blade thickness       3.2 mm

    Blade material         Bohler M390

    Handle material       G-10

    Weight                    75 g

    Sheath                    Hand made leather

    Features                 Titanium bead & lanyard


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