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Kanetsune Usubagata Knife 16 cm Damascus Clad Steel, Professional Japanese Knife

SKU: KC905


KC-900 Series


The brand name “Kanetsune” was named after a famous sword Smith, Kanetsune lived in Muromachi period around 14-15 century. He made extremely keen and tough Katanas that were known by many Samurais in Japan and overseas. Some of his swords are displayed in the Katana museum in Seki city.


Kanetsune was established in Seki City, the knifemaking centre of Japan, which is home to some of the best bladesmiths in the world. Kanetsune continues the legacy of creating cutlery utilizing the inherited techniques and skills. 


Kanetsune Usubagata Knife features beautifully hammered finished & polished Damascus-clad Steel made of VG-10 cutting core with 17 layers of stainless steel. This type of Damascus steel is hardened to 60-62HRC Rockwell hardness and offers excellent cutting performance and superb edge retention. The "Tsuchime" hammered finish makes food release quickly and easily from blade. 

The beautiful Mahogany wood handles provide excellent grip and wear well. The Knife feature full tang construction with stainless bolsters.


Proudly made in Seki, Japan

  • Specifications

    Overall length       28.8 cm

    Blade length         16 cm

    Blade Steel           Damascus clad VG-10 core + 17 Layers Stainless Steel

    Blade hardness     60-62 HRC

    Blade finish           "Tsuchime" Hammered & Polished

    Handle material     Mahogany Wood and Stainless Bolster

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