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Hanko Full Twist Trident Copper Custom Flashlight Steel Flame Clip, Rare

Hanko Full Twist Trident Copper Custom Flashlight Steel Flame Clip, Rare

SKU: S7528A

This is a rare opportunity to own an ever so evasive and difficult to find Hanko flashlight at a great price.


Jeff Hanko is the legendary machinist behind the Hanko Machine Works. He is regarded as the godfather of custom flashlight and was the first person who brought the concept of custom flashlights to life. Hanko flashlights are the epitome of custom flashlights and have, hands down, the best build quality and fit & finish you could expect from a high-end light. These flashlights are real pieces of art and precision machinery. 


This Hanko Flashlight features the Full Twist pattern body in copper. It uses tripple high 90+ CRI Nichia 219C LEDs. The high CRI rating translates to better colour rendering. It means you'll be able to see better in the dark. The Hanko flashlights benefit from the industry leading H17F driver which has great programming capabilities, including battery and temperature monitoring. 


The Hanko full gunner brass comes with a beautiful pocket clip made by the famous custom jewellers, Steel Flame. They run on a single high capacity 18350 battery which is included.



  • Mint condition
  • No Marks or blemishes
  • Comes with high quality hard case and programming guide



  • Specification

    Measurements             3.5" x 1" (9 x 2.5 cm)

    Weight with battery      177 g

    Comes with box and programming guide

    Battery included


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