FrogLube Extreme Liquid 1.5 oz. Squeeze Tube CLP Lubricant

FrogLube Extreme Liquid 1.5 oz. Squeeze Tube CLP Lubricant

SKU: FROG15248

FrogLube's new bio-based CLP formula was developed to allow for professionals to transition between sub-zero conditions through high temperatures without having to change out their bio-based lubricant. 


The name "EXTREME" was coined during testing when it was discovered to work in every climate from -40˚F and all the way above +125˚F. FrogLube's new EXTREME is pourable in freezing climates and stays intact during high heat operations. Works the same as current FrogLube CLP products. All natural. Non-toxic. Petroleum-free.


Additional Benefits to standard FrogLube CLP: 


* Remains viscous in sub-zero temperatures and does not evaporate or burn off during high heat.

* Reduced fouling on tactical rifles used in high volume round counts.

* Functions extremely well on "tight action" or precision built firearms. 

* Can be mixed with standard FrogLube CLP™. 

* Convenient applicator squeeze tube packaging.

* Complies with U.S. Army Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance.


No matter where you set your GPS, FrogLube EXTREME™ will 'be there' when you are. 

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