ESEE 5S Field Knife Camping/ Hunting 1095 Serrated Blade, Molded Sheath, USA

All round field knife at its best
Since 1997 Randall's Adventure & Training has designed no-nonsense, affordable field knives specifically targeted to military, law enforcement, and the special operations community. Many of our knives now serve in combat zones around the globe. Our knives have a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty. ESEE Knives is also setting the standard for many local, state and federal law enforcement officers when it comes to high performance, compact sheath knives with multiple carry options. The NTOA scored our 3-inch fixed blade a 4.77 out of a possible 5. In addition to our knives, we also offer survival, land navigation, tracking and other training courses along with free survival information.
The ESEE-5 is the knife you want in critical situations. Designed by Military SERE instructors, this knife is for Survival, Escape and Evasion. The ESEE-5 is primarily designed for the harshest situations when one's life may depend on their gear. If you need a blade that you can trust when times are tough, then the ESEE-5 is the perfect choice.
Canvas Micarta handles and full tang construction ensure a lasting use. Features glass breaker/pummel, bow drill divot and thumb jimping on the spine of the blade. The ESEE-5 features excellent handle ergonomic which makes a knife of this caliber feel comfortable and easy to use.
These knives are made from high carbon 1095 steel and are black powder coated for better corrosion resistance. 1095 high carbon steel is hardened to Rockwell hardness of 57 HRC. This ensures your ESEE will endure the most difficult tasks when you need it to.
while 1095 is a top choice for professional cutlery designed for hard use, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for - especially on the cutting edge and around the laser engraving. It is the user's responsibility to keep the blades properly lubricated and cleaned. 
  • Specification

    Overall length         27.9 cm
    Blade length           13.3 cm
    Blade thickness      6.3 mm
    Blade finish            Powder coated
    Blade steel             1095 carbon steel
    Hardness                55-57 HRC
    Handle material      Micarta
    Knife weight           453.5 g
    Sheath                    Molded Plastic
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