Custom Hand Engraved Zero Tolerance 0095BW Folding Knife, Australian Artist

SKU: A7834B
This Custom Zero Tolerance 0095 was hand engraved by Australian tattoo artist and engraver, Mick Butterworth exclusively for us. We suggested an Apache theme for the front handle and insisted that the design must be detailed and intricate. Titanium is tough material and is very difficult to engrave, but Mick was determined to transform this knife to a piece of art.  He drew the design and beautifully hand engraved it to perfection on the front handle.


The engraved theme consists of a wounded warrior on his horse holding a long spear (near the pivot), the face of an Apache chief in the center and head of a black panther on the bottom.

This custom engraved ZT0095 is a beautiful collector's item and one you could proudly showcase in your display or bring out to impress anyone that appreciates quality knives. This is the type of knife you could proudly hand down to your next generations one day. Best of all, it is the work of an Aussie artist. 
  • Specification

    Overall length          21.3 cm
    Closed length          12.4 cm
    Blade length            9.8 cm
    Blade steel              S35VN
    Blade finish             Tungesten DLC BlackWash
    Handle material       Titanium, BlackWash
    Weight                      150.3g
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