Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Flipper Knife Titanium & VG-10 Steel Luca Burnley Design

SKU: BOP03433

Lucas Burnley from New Mexico is a young Knife Maker who has made a name for himself with a mix of straight lines, the use of modern materials and the influence of classical elements. His designs are convincing with clear, charming lines and are often influenced by classical Japanese elements. In addition to Pocketknives and handy Fixed Blades, he also designs his own accessories.


The Kwaiken Mini is the smaller, lighter version of Lucan Burnley's famous Kwaiken design. The Kwaiken Mini is incredibly comfortable in hand thanks to the rounded titanium handles with smooth finish. It is also very elegant and at only 110 grams, it's also very easy to carry.


The Kwaiken Mini is equipped with premium cobalt-alloyed VG-10 steel. With the advantages of the ball bearing pivot system as well as a nicely designed flipper, the blade deployment is as smooth and fast as you like. The low profile flipper tab helps maintaining the clean, straight forward design of the Kwaiken Mini.

  • Specifications

    Overall length           18.4 cm

    Blade length             7.6 cm

    Blade thickness        3.2 mm

    Blade steel                VG-10

    Handle material        Titanium

    weight                      110 g

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