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Berg Blades SLiM Folding Knife Lightning Strike CF Handle Timascus Parts, RARE

Berg Blades SLiM Folding Knife Lightning Strike CF Handle Timascus Parts, RARE

SKU: K6492Q

The Berg Blades SLiM is one of the hottest knives right now, with a massive fan following and no available knife. This may be a one-off opportunity to own a Berg Blades SLiM in Australia, ready to go!


The SLiM is the smaller version of the Berg Blades Golem model. Despite the name, it's not a "slim" knife at all, quite opposite; it's a chunky and sturdy blade. However, compared to the Golem which is a monstrous knife, The SLiM is slim! 


The knife features a cleaver style blade housed within a robust titanium frame and has all the bells & whistles of a modern folder such as titanium framelock, ball bearing pivots and overtravel stop. The Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber (LSCF) scales take aesthetics to a whole new level. The original titanium clip and LSCF pivot collar are replaced with custom made Timascus clip & collar. The original parts are included with the knife. 


The Berg Blades SLiM is a truly unique design, which is why it has been so well received by the knife enthusiast all around the world. If you have been lusting over the SLiM, this is a rare chance to buy one locally and add a superb knife to your collection.



  • Brand New
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original zippered pouch, certificate card, spare timascus clip & timascus pivot collar
  • Timascus clip & collar are mounted on the knife, original titanium clip and lightning strike carbon fiber collar are included in the case



  • Specification

    • Bohler M390 cleaver blade
    • Solid titanium handles
    • Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber (LSCF) Scales
    • Timascus clip + Original titanium clip
    • Timascus pivot collar + Original LSCF pivot collar
    • Ceramic bearings riding on hardened washers
    • Overall length: 6.77" (17.2 cm)
    • Blade length: 2.75591" (7 cm)
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