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Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201 Limited Edition Damasteel

Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201 Limited Edition Damasteel

SKU: S6362X

Rare & Collectible Gold Class Mini Crooked River 


The Benchmade Mini Crooked River 15085-201 Gold Class 2020 limited edition is the baby brother of the popular Crooked River. This knife was incredibly popular but still considered to be a little too big for many people. The perfect answer is the Mini Crooked River: the same materials, shapes and properties, but smaller. Now, this knife may be called "Mini" by American standards, we think it's a great size. Big enough for almost all daily chores, compact enough to carry around in your pocket.


Like previous years Benchmade expanded the Gold Class collection for 2020. This is a collection of knives with which Benchmade demonstrates what they are capable of. These knives are enhanced with the most special finishes and materials. This time they used the Mini Crooked River as the canvas for this collection. It is a stunning pocket knife that honours this collection. The knife is enhanced with a Damasteel blade and a marble carbon fibre handle with a Raffir Noble inlay. Gold-coloured accents adorn the handle and complete the whole. Breathtakingly beautiful!


The blade has a traditional clippoint shape. You open the blade with the thumb rest and once opened, the blade is held securely in place by the Axis-lock. The handle has steel liners for strength. These liners are milled to make the knife lighter.


The Benchmade Mini Crooked River gives a modern interpretation to the "hunting knife" concept. A sublime combination of design and material.




  • New condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original box, pouch & certificate of authenticity


  • Specification

    Blade Length: 3.40" (8.64 cm)

    Blade Thickness: 0.114" (2.289 mm)

    Handle Thickness: 0.52" (13.21 mm)

    Blade Material: Vinland Damasteel

    Blade Style: Clip Point

    Weight: 3.22 oz. (91.29 g)

    Overall Length: 7.89" (20.04 cm)

    Closed Length: 4.50" (11.34 cm)

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