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Alistair Bastian Handmade Custom Knife Mokume, Titanium & Carbon Fiber Handle

Alistair Bastian Handmade Custom Knife Mokume, Titanium & Carbon Fiber Handle

SKU: Y9996K

An Absolute Bargain For A Knife From An Important Australian Knife Maker


An Aussie icon, Alistair Bastian (Bastian Knives) is perhaps the best known/ most recognised Australian knife maker internationally. From his workshop in Mount Gambier, South Australia, his art work has reached across the globe and has been cherished by prominent collectors worldwide. Alistair's knives are 100% handmade, meaning he does not use any CNC, waterjet, wire EDM or other automated machinery. Everything is done completely by hand which adds significant value to his work, considering how very few makers in the world still do everything by hand.


Since 2002, Alistair has forged his own carbon steel & Damascus blades as well as mosaic Damascus with the help of Shawn McIntyre. From 2004 onwards, he has been forging his own Mokume utilising iron & copper which is unique in pattern and features exquisite colours rarely seen before. Ali's work is top notch, his designs are unique and distinctive and his knives are highly sought after and collectible. His creations are a cross between art knife and tactical folder. 


This offering is an early example of Ali's work from 2013-2014 before he started naming his models. The internal part of the backspacer is engraved with words "Bastian #019" which indicates this is indeed one of his earlier knives. The front of the knife features a magnificent Mokume bolster which is a work of art by Alistair. The glossy carbon fiber is well matched and compliments the bolster nicely.


The lock side features orange peeled titanium frame and heat coloured pocket clip. The titanium backspacer is beautifully hand filed and also finished with orange peel texture. The blade has no marking but it is most likely forged by Alistair himself, given the fact that he has been forging his own materials for decades.




  • New condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with soft carry pouch




  • Specification

    Overall Length:         210 mm

    Blade Length:            92 mm

    Cutting Edge:            85 mm

    Blade Thickness:      3 mm

    Blade Material:         Carbon Steel

    Handle Length:         120 mm

    Handle Material:       Mokume, Carbon Fiber, Titanium

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