Tristone Blades Petty Super Gold 2 Damascus Steel Ebony wood & Rhodonite Handle


Chadd Smith at Tristone Blades creates high performance, hand crafted blades for the enthusiast and professional user.


Each blade is meticulously crafted by hand from an idea into reality whilst meeting exacting specifications. His passion for the age old craft is forged into every blade with such conviction that simply handling one engages the user in its history.


Chadd is a leader in the Australian custom knife industry and has experienced a sharp rise in popularity through advanced knowledge of blade steel heat treatment, functionality and design. As an awarded knife maker and member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild and Knife Art Association, he has represented the Australian custom knife makers community on national radio to expand domestic knowledge of the custom knife industry within Australia.


The Petty is, like all of Chadd's work, a true work of art. There are many words to chose from to describe the Petty. But "Perfection" is the best one. It all starts with a Japanese "Super Gold 2" Damascus blade polished to a true mirror. The spine of the blade and the finger choil are crowned right down to the bolsters for ultimate comfort in handling. Achieving this level of refinement take incredible amount of work as well as the skills to pull it off.


The Octagonal handle is made from beautiful ebony wood. The white Rhodonite and steel spacer are masterfully fitted into the handle, so seamlessly that they feel like an integral part of the handle. The transition between the 3 different materials in the handle is seamless. The Petty is incredibly light weight and the handle feels uber comfortable in hand.


Whether you are an executive chef or a serious collector, the Petty is a fantastic choice and an acquisition you will be proud of.


This knife comes with a high quality heavy duty nylon case with internal padding.

  • Specifications

    Overall length                              28.4 cm

    Blade length                                15 cm

    Cutting Edge                               14.5 cm

    Blade material                             Super Gold 2 Damascus

    Blade finish                                  Mirror polished 

    Handle Material                           Ebony wood & white Rhodonite

    Weight                                         108 g

AU$999.00 Regular Price
AU$820.00Sale Price
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