How it works

Whether you are a collector that appreciates uniqueness, a knife enthusiast who wants to have something one of a kind, or you are buying a memorable gift for your loved ones, you will love the customization services we offer.

Lion Knives is one of very few places that lets you customize your new knife purchase. We offer a range of creative designs such as a variety of titanium anodizing, re-surfacing knife handles, adding various types of patterns, metal turning (jewelling), polishing and more.

All of our work is done by hand in our small workshop in Melbourne. We use simple hand tools and a few powered equipment. The rest is work of creativity, attention to details, skills and patience. We transform ordinary knives into art work.

How to order

There are two ways you can buy our customized knives;

- For items customised knives that are completed and ready for sale, Click on the Shop section above.

- If you have something different in mind or would like to change any aspects, use the contact form bellow and let us know what you have in mind. Once we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to discuss the process, design, delivery times and price quote.

 *Please refer to our Terms & Condition for more information.

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