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Marketplace Guidelines



Marketplace is our new selling concept. Our goal is to provide a platform for members of knife community to buy & sell high quality, new & lightly used pre-owned items through a trusted website. We will help both buyers and sellers to have a smooth, transparent and easy trading experience. We back both parties with our friendly service.

We help buyers to find high-end custom & production knives & gear at great prices. We are very selective and carefully inspect every item. Any marks or blemishes will be noted and a condition report will be included in the description. We also take high resolution photos to show case the products exactly how they appear. For your peace of mind, we offer 7 days money back return on marketplace products.

For sellers, we offer a range of services to increase the chances of selling your EDC gear. Simply send in your items and let us handle everything else for you. We will take professional photos, prepare a condition report, write professional descriptions and list your item on the website and showcase it to thousands of potential buyers. We answer customer enquiries, and handle payments & shipping.


1- Items listed on the Marketplace are pre-owned and are listed by fellow knife collectors and enthusiasts. They may be in completely brand new condition, like new with minimum to no signs of use or lightly used.


2- We do our best to inspect every item carefully and notate any signs of use or blemishes and include a condition report in the description of the item. We will capture and show such notable marks in product photos as best as we can.

3- We offer Layby on Marketplace items. Please contact us if you need payment plan on anything listed on the Marketplace.

4- We offer express shipping and 7 days money back return on domestic orders for your peace of mind. 

5- International buyers are responsible for taxes or duties charged by customs. We take no responsibility for any item seized by customs. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure that what they are buying is legal in their country. We don't accept returns on international orders.


1- We look for high-end knives and EDC gear. Please contact us to discuss before sending us any items. Check out What We Look For to help you understand if your item is a good fit for The Marketplace.


2- Items must be in good condition, new, like new or lightly used condition, beaten up gear and damaged items will not be accepted.

3- Clean the items prior to shipping to us. If the item needs any cleaning, adjustments, etc you may be charged a fee.

4- Pack the items securely to avoid damage during transport. You must use a shipping method with signature on delivery. We do not take any responsibility for items lost or damaged during transport.

5- To ensure the integrity of the process and for your peace of mind & ours, we record the unpacking of all items on camera in our studio and capture the exact condition of the items at the time of arrival.

6- We will work with you on pricing and evaluation to get the best results for you, but ultimately the seller decides the final price on their products. We may reach out to you from time to time with pricing updates and suggestions to help selling your item faster. We will not change the prices without your permission.

7- We encourage you to let us offer Layby to buyers to increase your selling chances, especially for high price items. We will not send the item to the buyer until the last payment is received. 

8- We do our best to assess, photograph and list your items on the website as quickly as we can. Your items will be placed in the queue for listing and will be processed as soon as it's practical.


9- Once you ship your items to us, you cannot list them for sale elsewhere.

10- You may withdraw your items at any time and request to have them back. If you do so within 3 months after we have received the items, you will be charged a $40 handling fee per item. Please note that storage, photography, writing description and listing on the website take time & effort and a $40 fee barely covers our costs. If your item doesn't sell within 3 months, there will be no fees to request your items back. You're liable for the return shipping fees.

11- When an item is sold, we will payout the seller 7 days after the buyer has received the item. This is due to our 7 days money back return. You can request a payout either as electronic transfer or a store credit.

12- All funds are transferred electronically via bank account. No cash payment. You may choose PayPal as method of payment but please note that we cannot do "Friends & Family" transfers. All PayPal transfers will be "Goods & Services".


What we look for

We prefer high quality knives and gear that are collectible and not easily accessible.

High-end custom and mid-tech knives, limited edition & sprint runs, hard to find and well known makers or any other knives that would appeal to the collectors.

We also look for other high-end Every Day Carry gear such as custom and limited edition pens, high-end flashlights, watches, quality leather crafts, custom spinners, custom Zippo lighters, handmade beads, quality men's accessories and jewellery and other relevant collectible items.


Our Marketplace is a consignment selling model. Sellers will be paid when the item is sold and the 7 days return period has ended. We offer the highest seller payouts compare to any other business.

The payout amount depends on the value of the item. See the table below for the final seller payout amounts;       

   Sale Price                          Seller Payout 

$200- $799                        75%

$800 - $1999                      80%

$2000+                             85%

If you choose to recive a store credit instead of cash back, you will receive an extra 5% seller payout percentage on top.


1- A custom pen sells for $450. The payout percentage is 75% and store credit percentage is 80%. You will receive $337.50 cash back or $360 store credit.

2- A knife sells for $1800. The payout percentage is 85% and store credit percentage is 90%. You will receive $1530 cash back or $1620 store credit.

3- Items under $200 are not eligible unless they are sent as part of a larger consignment. They must be discussed with us and approved first. Once approved, the payout rate will be 70%


7 Days Money Back Return

1- We offer 7 days money back on domestic purchases only.


2- If you don't feel the item you purchased is right for you, you may return it within 7 days of receiving the item. You should contact us for approval prior to returning an item.

3- All items must be returned in exact same condition as you have recived them, including the packaging and all other inclusions. We reserve the right to refuse the return if the item or packaging is damaged in any way and return the item to you at your own expense.

4- Return shipping fee is buyer's responsibility.

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