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By Paul Emmanuel Arestan

Paule Emmanuel Arestan is a French-Australian knife maker based in Brisbane Australia. He grew up in a house full of swords, bayonets, shields, halberds, helmets and  militaria from all ages. Paul's grandfather gave him his first Opinel when he was about 6 years old. "This is my excuse for my knife addiction", he says.

What started as a simple hobby a few years ago quickly became a passion, then a part time job, and it is now his full time occupation. Paul has his own eclectic production that changes all the time depending on his inspiration, he also take commissions and runs knife making classes. His passion for knives is more than just a job, it's a life choice. He says; "Every morning I get up and just can’t wait to go to the workshop and start work, and I feel privileged to have the luxury of doing what I love".

Paul is nothing short of an artisan. His knife making techniques are unique to himself and his combination of modern and traditional materials is exceptional. Paul happens to be a master at blade etching too. He hand paints every little detail on the blade, using bitumen paint and applies his unique multi-step etching technique to create a variably raised pattern on the blade. Paul's knives are artistic, one of a kind and truly beautiful. And the good part is he doesn't make the same knife twice!

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